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How to Reprogram Your Mind

Brendon Burchard | 14:58


People ask me, Brendon, how do I reprogram my mind? And I'm like, That's kind of creepy or you're cyborg? Why did somebody one time like Ninjitsu your brain and hypnotized into thinking something horrible?

Like, why do you need to reprogram anything, most adults don't need to reprogram something, they just need to program it for the first time. You know, it's like there was never actually any programming that happened anywhere. 

There's just all these patterns of incidences, and the circumstances that have all coalesced into some of these automatic thoughts and behaviors that they aren't necessarily being responsible for. They're they're just big come up automatically. And they happen to them. It's not like someone said, I want you to think this, I want you to take this, I want you to no one ever sat you down, and probably just like, maybe it happened. 

But for most people, that never happened, what they're really saying is Brett, and I need to get a hold of my mind, man, because sometimes I just got these constant negative recurring thoughts that come up, I can't get rid of them. Or sometimes I get obsessed about this one bad thing that happened to me, or sometimes I say, you know, I just can't even control my attention, dude. 

So what they're really struggling to do is to master their mind in a more sort of capable way. So let's talk about how your thoughts are generated. And some of this, you might already know, if you've read my book, the charge, or you've seen this my other work in High Performance Academy, we talk a lot about how do you master your psychology, I'm gonna give you one simple framework to think through, and then some tips and tools, the strategies you can immediately put into your life to better manage your mind. 

The first thing if you're having negative recurring thoughts and feelings that are coming up, those are really they're just, they're easy. 

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