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I Meditated Every Day & This Is What Happened To Me...

Russell Brand | 8:32


 I've meditated every day. This is what has happened. I've started doing videos on how I've meditated every day, but more importantly than that probably is that, uh, my assumption of who I am has been challenged because I have a daily experience of consciousness that is distinct from. Individual sense of myself.

Not to say that often when I sit down meditating, I just sort of close my eyes and I'm thinking, I'm thinking just stuff going on in my head. And I think all you're doing really is closing your eyes. The type of meditation I primarily do is called transcendental meditations, just the name. It's a form of mantra meditation where you think a word given to you by your teacher, and whenever you notice, you're not thinking that word, you return to it.

Eventually through the repetition of this word, sometimes the mind kind of sinks into a state of deep awareness where you are not continually involved in the construction of inner narrative. Put simply the sense of. Thinking continually like, oh, I think, oh God, this meditation's a bit boring, or That was terrible.

This thing happened. I wish I could do that. I'd like to. Maybe one day I will learn how to do scuba diving. Like that stops and. There's just a beautiful sense of peace. I notice that part of the point of meditation is to return myself continually to the present, to the moment, to watch how I have a tendency mentally to be thinking about something from the past or projecting to something in the future as kind of inability to just be still and be present in the moment.

The mantra. Gives the mind something to do so that it has that to think like your little minds a child and you give it a yoyo or a biscuit or something, or a PS four these days, and you say you play with that. I'll be over here now as that particular piece of language. Suggests it's as if the thinking mind is not the ultimate self, almost as if there are many, many selves.

If you think of the, uh, Olympian pantheistic model, it's like there's the god of war, the God of love, the messenger God, the ultimate God, the God of under the sea, the various different forms of deities. Meaning in practical and individual terms that sometimes I am governed by very different humors when my blood is up, I'm a different person.

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