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Introducing Mindfulness in the Corporate Context

Peter Bostelmann | 4:56


And how did you go from there? This recognition that this was really changing your personal life and also making you a stronger leader, was in sap. What was the step for you to move, uh, this kind of work into the organization ending up with. The director for mindfulness, the first step in this journey was that I became, became an integral coach.

This is the type of coaching which also integrates some spiritual practice. . And at this time, again, I would have never spoken about this in corporate world, in in my environment, I would've felt, no, no, this is insecure. I can't talk about this. Um, and becoming a coach and learning even more how strong this, this practices impact people in their, in their development and their personal strengths and their capacity to handle themself.

I started coaching.  executives and then, uh, people in our, uh, experts in our environment. And I learned there that even for people, I personally would've never thought they are open to this kind of practices, that they found tremendous benefit. I also learned that language is very important. So there were some of my coaching clients, if I would have called, or actually I called it mindfulness meditation.

Hey, do we wanna try meditation? I notice you're feeling really tense and, and stressed. And, and there was one particular guy I was like, Meditation. No way. So I learned that the words are actually not just one with many, that the words meditation and then mindfulness like three, four years ago caused allergy and real reactions in people.

So I reframed it and I said, let's do attention training or how, how, how about training? Trying to, to focus a little more ground, your nervous system. So with a reframing, with a different wording. Actually people were very open and then they liked it. So it was a demystification. So this was an important point that I.

Corporate world is made of humans like anywhere else, and this humans are, um, many of them for them are, these practices are very helpful. So I learned about my stories and, and that they were also a little bit in my way and I, um, I gained in my confidence to that this is helpful for the company, in our company, in the environment, which I'm very used to and also to, to speak about it.

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