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Is Multitasking Making You Less Productive?

Rasmus Hougaard | 47:14


 What we're gonna talk about for these, uh, next few for this hour is basically four things. First of all, I'm gonna ask you the question why corporate mindfulness? And of course you cannot know because this is not your business. So basically I'm gonna answer it myself, but will your help hopefully, From there, we will look at what is it actually, and we'll do a short little exercise, uh, a short little mindfulness training.

So when you leave this room, you'll actually try it. What this mindfulness training is after that, we'll just look briefly at what do the scientists say that you can actually get out of it when you engage in a, in a training like this. And at the end, we will go back to what will actually end with or start with, which is multitasking.

And I will give you two rules, which is. According to the scientist and according to what we see in in companies around the world, it's a very powerful alternative to multitasking because that's probably not the best way of working, but we'll get there. Before that, maybe I should just say briefly about my own background.

I started out with mindfulness in 20 years ago and have been practicing it for myself with my kids, with my family, but also teaching this around the world for the last 15 years. And besides from that, I've been doing research. Mindfulness, but also an organizational development and working in the corporate world.

And it was when I was working, working in the corporate world that I realized that something is missing there because the corporate world or the working life in general is sometimes a bit of a battlefield. I don't know if you know the feeling of busyness. Someone can relate to that. Yeah. Great. So over the years we've been working in many companies, many organizations all over the world, mainly in Australia, Asia, and.

And we have come up with this term that quite clearly describes what is modern working life like now. And I would like to check if it's the same in sps. So I'm gonna put up four words here, the pad words, and I will ask you to raise your hands if you can recognize them from your own working life. Are you okay for that?

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