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Hi, welcome to this session on the mental strategy of joy. 

What we're going to look at this week, and going to practice for the next week is basically how joy can be an extremely powerful mental strategy for enhancing your performance, your well being and decreasing your stress. So we're just going to jump directly into it, I'm going to ask you to look at this guy on the photo. 

And just imagine a situation that you experienced in the past week that made you feel similar to what he feels like, try just for a moment to close your eyes, and reconnect with this situation, someone or something made you upset. And then notice what it feels like in the body. And also notice what it feels like in the mind.

And now you can open your eyes again. And if you're like, basically everyone who does this little exercise, you will have felt that in the body, it felt heavy, tight, constricted, and in the mind, maybe dark, heavy, negative.

So let's try to do something else, which is to feel a bit more like his feeling. Now, look at the photo, and reconnect with a situation within the past week, when you were really happy. remember it clearly. And then try to notice in your body, what it feels like to sit with joy. And also what it feels like in the mind. And then you can open your eyes again. 

And probably you had a very different experience here. Probably you felt like it was light in the body. It was like there was air there was space and the same for the mind. Open free, expansive, that's what most people experienced anyway. So what we learned here are basically two things, our mood has a huge impact on our experience, bodily and mentally.

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