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Leading Through Crisis

Dr. Nancy Koehn | 24:35

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Welcome to managing through crisis, the webcast featuring faculty from Harvard Business School sharing insights for managers on how to navigate through the COVID 19 crisis. It's mid May now it's hard to believe we're nearly halfway through 2020. Uncertainty continues to grip governments and economies around the world. 

And in the absence of reliable medical information, sound direction is hard to come by. So for anyone who is in a leadership role, whose job it is to provide direction, these are challenging times. And it's not as if things were great for leaders before the crisis hit. 

In January PR firm Edelman worldwide published its 20th annual Trust Barometer, which gauges people's trust in government, business and media. And that report showed that 66% of those surveyed do not trust leaders to address societal challenges. 

So with that in mind, we're fortunate to have an expert on leadership joining us today, Nancy Kane from Harvard Business School has made a living out of studying leaders throughout history and applying those lessons to the challenges that we face today. She's the author of forged in crisis, the power of courageous leadership and turbulent times. Nancy, thanks so much for joining us today.

Brian, it's a huge pleasure.

You've been out talking quite quite a bit about this situation, you've both I've seen you giving talks and doing podcasts and publishing articles, so so people really value what you have to say around this. And I think, you know, we're at a point in the crisis where leadership is now got to be front and center for people. So we got a lot of questions from our audience today, they want to they want to hear from you on some specific things.

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