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Robert Greene | 58:59


Good afternoon everyone. Um, we're excited to have you all here for another outstanding authors at Google. Um, today we're going to, um, dispatch with the formalities and get straight to the point. Um, Robert Green is here to talk about his new book Mastery. So this is what happens, you know, after you get the 10,000 hours, you get the 20,000.

Like once you're a true expert at something, you know, what does that mean and you know, how and how do you get there. And so Robert will lead us along that path and we'll also have time for some q and a at the end. So, um, please join me in welcoming Robert to Google. Thanks.

Thank you. Um, I've been a, uh, a huge admirer of your company for many years. Uh, for, I've blogged about it. I've compared Google to the French Revolution in Napoleon Bona Apart, and your competitors to the Prussians . So you can imagine that, um, I'm deeply honored and very happy to be here. Um, my talk is about creativity.

I have a lot of, um, I hope practical information to convey. And I know how valuable your time is, so please excuse me if I dispense with any cute anecdotes to begin and I just dive right into the information part. Um, now I'm sure that all of us, or maybe most of us, um, have encountered more or less the following scenario.

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