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Meditation Is Easier Than You Think

Mingyur Rinpoche | 2:43


Meditation is easier than you think. Actually, you can meditate everywhere any times under any circumstances. It's just awareness. So what we call the essence of meditation is awareness. Awareness, meaning, Knows what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what you are doing. That is awareness. The, the knowingness knows so many people think meditation is uh, something which is very difficult.

So MG mind, don't think of anything concentration like that, you know? So that is the. Misunderstanding about the meditation. So actually meditation. You don't have to do anything like block the thought or create special state of mind. Peace come no need. Just simply be so as long as if you are aware of something and then maintain that awareness, that is the me.

So, but of course sometime when we meditate like that, then lot of thought pop up in our mind. Like, to do this, I have to do, I have to do this. I need to talk to that person. I have this important deadline. Am I, am I wasting time? How can I know I'm doing right or wrong? So all this comes, so that's normal.

So when I was. First time when I meditate, I have all these things comes. Sometime I lost completely, forget to listen to sound, and then suddenly I remember, oh, I forget again. So that's okay. No problem. You can try again. Listen to sound, forget, listen to sound, forget. So that is the sound meditation. So today, , please practice after this.

So when you go out or when you are, go at your workplace, just listen so you can listen to any sound. Not necessarily with gong ringing the bell. So just listen to sound everywhere any time. Okay.

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