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Meditation Teacher Tips

Shane Wilson | 8:25


Hi. I'd like to offer some information that you would, might find helpful. I certainly hope you do so. Also, my hope to answer some, a common questions in this little video, uh, that you might have regarding what it means to be a certified meditation. So, uh, a meditation, uh, instructor, a certified meditation instructors is one who's very well versed in, uh, stress, basically  in many ways and, and stress reactions and the effects of stress on the mind and body.

Uh, so the instructor has a good, solid knowledge base and experience, uh, in assisting individual. To identify the stressors in their lives. For example, um, they might have a, uh, uh, a plan or be able to develop a plan for teaching something which involves the practice of meditation, uh, to reduce the stress on the mind and the body.

So the instructor works with individuals to teach and coach in, in certain ways, uh, and finds a wide variety of, of meditation practices, um, and, and kind of creates the groundwork for, uh, to provide, uh, life, um, without the negative effects of everyday stress. The teacher has knowledge of the theories and purposes and practices of varied meditation techniques that help provide education and coaching for those wishing to develop their own meditation practice, which is very key.

We want people to practice on their own. We don't want them to rely on a teacher, but we're teaching them the practice so they, they can do it on their own. They want to be able to, uh, frequently do this practice. Uh, a teacher or a, uh, particularly one that's certified, might teach individuals and they might teach small groups and they might teach large groups.

So a certified meditation instructor, uh, they have practice and they, they practice and teach in many different settings. So more and more people every day are actually seeking information and instruction on meditation. Um, and they, they hope to use it as a daily wellness practice in their work or in their family life or whatever that might be.

So over the past decade, medical science and research has well documented, uh, the role of stress in creating negative health effects and the positive outcomes of using practices such as meditation to achieve higher levels of wellness in the mind and. Uh, some of the settings where a certified meditation instructor.

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