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Mindfulness: What it is and is Not

Joseph Goldstein | 1:39:42


 So welcome everyone. We're  So welcome everyone. We're really excited to present the second of our public lecture series. Uh, John Cosin kicked it off in October, and we're really blessed to have Joseph Goldstein with us this evening for the second of our, uh, public lecture series. Uh, we'll be having a few more starting in the spring, so just look f on our, um, mailing list for those announcements.

It's my great, I'll just, so I'm Judd Bem, the director of research here at the Center for Mindfulness, and I will just very briefly, uh, introduce, uh, Joseph because it's much better to hear him speak than me. Uh, so for those of you that aren't familiar with him, Joseph is actually. After finishing up the Peace Corps in the sixties, uh, stayed in Southeast Asia to study and practice, uh, to learn, uh, mindfulness and, and Buddhist meditation, and was one of the first folks to bring that back, uh, to the west.

And as many of you know, is the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society, which is just down the street from us in Berry, Massachusetts. If you aren't familiar with it, I would highly recommend taking a look at their website and, and their offerings. It's a really, uh, a gift, uh, not only for the Northeast but for the world.

Uh, they offer intensive meditation retreats ranging from day longs to half, uh, to weekends to what they're currently running is their, uh, their three month, uh, retreat. And, uh, this is their 40th. 40th three month retreat that they've run, which is really a remarkable feat in itself.

We were just adding up, uh, the numbers at dinner. If you take that, that and push those all together, that's 10 years straight of meditation practice with, uh, these practitioners typically ranging from 90 to a hundred participants at a time. So Joseph, um, I asked Joseph if there was anything in, well, I'll mention one other thing, uh, which was that after the this evening's talk, uh, Joseph will be doing a book signing with his most recent book.

Uh, and this book was based on a series of talks that he gave at the Forest Refuge, which is the self retreat center associated, that's part of the, um, insight Meditation Society. Now, these series of talks, I think there were 46.  or so, um, I started listening to these in 2008 and ended up, so these are a series of talks that are about an hour in length each.

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