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Mindfulness and Performance

Jacqueline Carter | 4:00

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These are some of the companies that are bringing mindfulness into their organizations, companies like Google companies like Accenture or McKinsey or RBC. These are not all flaky companies, these are companies with very serious objectives in terms of business results. And yet for them, they see mindfulness as not only just a nice to have in the Wellness Department to address stress, but actually fundamental to be able to support them in achieving business results.

And they do that because of two things. Number one, because what they see what's happening in the external reality, and number two, because of what they recognize is happening in internal reality. To start off with that, we want to look at what's happening in the external reality. And what we see when we go to organizations around the globe. They're characterized by four common characteristics, and we'll see if we can test you to see if it's relevant for you here in Toronto.

The first characteristic is people feeling under pressure, the second one is being always on. The third is experiencing information overload. And the fourth is distractions. Now, how many of you go three for four out of those? Yes, how many are going for? For four?

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