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Mindfulness for Anxiety

Sean Fargo | 8:06


I know all mindfulness practice helps with anxiety, but is there anything specific? Um, kind of a, a, you know, an emergency type of quick thing I can tell her to do.

Yeah, I'm, I'm sorry to hear that about your friend. Um, . Um, I think a lot, a lot more people are, are feeling that these days. Um hmm. , you know, um, I

some, so, So you're right, most practices can be very helpful for anxiety and, um, you know, just as a, a quick way to refer them to something is, um, there's what's called like a three minute breathing space meditation. Right. Um, and also more mindfulness teachers are sharing what they're calling like sos meditations.

You know, if, if you're feeling acute anxiety or if you're feeling really out of sorts, um, sometimes just like a simple three minute practice can be helpful and, Often they're called breathing space or SOS practices. Um, you know, I think that, um, connecting with the breath, especially around the belly or diaphragm and really like allowing the breath or allowing the belly to soften and breathing with the belly and the diap.

Um, and just kind of connecting with the inhale and the exhale, the rise and fall of the belly, um, you know, in a, in a sort of soft, relaxed way, um, can be really helpful. Um, you know, when we started that practice and I, I, yeah, I often call it like a seven directions meditation. I try to emphasize the breathing with the belly of the diaphragm.

Um, you know, if we're, um, struggling with anxiety, we might be breathing with our chest or up top and.

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