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Mindfulness in Uncertain Times

Kristia Tippett | 1:05:10


 Hello everyone and welcome to today's virtual program at the Commonwealth Club. My name is Sujata bga and I'm the director of the Restorative Justice Project at Impact Justice, and I'm excited to be your moderator for today's program. This program is a part of the Commonwealth Club's Virtual Series, and we'd like to thank our members, donors, and supporters for making this and all our other programs possible.

We're great, we're grateful for their support and hope others will follow their example to support the club during these uncertain times. Today I am more than excited to be talking to Krista Tipt, uh, host of the wildly popular NPR podcast on being and founder and CEO of the On Being, uh, project. Every week Krista talks to writers, scientists, poets, activists from different faiths and various spiritual inclinations who open themselves up to her compassionate and searching conversations.

We'll be spending the next hour discussing what it means to be fully present and leaning into this moment in time, the history that brought us here, and the possibilities that lie before us. If you're watching along with us and you have a question you'd like me to ask Krista, please put it in the text chat, uh, in YouTube, and I'll be asking, uh, them, uh, to Krista later in the program.

So thank you so much, Krista, for joining us. Um, it's only slightly intimidating task, right? To interview the person best known for her capacity to brilliantly interview others. Uh, one who's received the Peabody Award for Journalism and National Humanities Medal from President Obama Noles, uh, for her gifts in what I have been tasked with doing for her today.

Um, but I've heard from the staff of the Commonwealth Club and others that you are the kindest person and, uh, our brief email correspondence is leading up to this. Back that up surely. So. Um, So that puts me at ease and makes me, uh, certain to say it's a pleasure to be in conversation with you today. Um, so it is a challenging time to be one coming up with the questions.

Um, in preparing for this, I was struck by the title of a dialogue you recently had with your colleague, uh, the Reverend Lucas Johnson, uh, in you're Living the Questions series, right? And the title of that was When No Question Seems Big enough. Right? And so there is not a single question that I'll pose in this interview today that holds all of Covid 19 and structural oppression and the murder of black people with impunity and our ever unresolved interlocking histories of transgenerational trauma and violence.

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