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No Willpower Required

Dr. Jud Brewer | 11:41


So you've been witnessing a series of unnatural acts. You've been watching some of the smartest people in the world take their passion, their discoveries, their triumphs, their failures, and package them in 10 minutes. And that is really hard to do. 

And every one of them was stayed on time and on track. And you'll have a chance to go out them at lunch, because believe me, you could spend the next year with any one of these people, and learn just incredible things. So our next speaker, if you've got cravings if you're dreaming of chocolate, if you remember that long last kiss, Judson Brewer will help you understand why this happens and what you might do about it. He's the Director of Research and Innovation at the mindfulness Center at Brown University, a pioneer in the field of habit change and self mastery. 

And if you doubt me, just ask the US Olympic team.

We're in the middle of an obesity epidemic are in the middle of an opioid epidemic? I think we all know this. And what did I learn in medical school? Willpower, so my patients want to quit smoking, set a quit date, tell all your buddies to help support you will give you some medications to help with the side effects.

And then quit smoking, right? What I learned in medical school about trying to lose weight, we learned a formula that apparently is still being taught calories out versus calories in, it's not that the formula is wrong. But we're told, you know, we tell our patients Oh, just make sure you eat salad instead of cake. 

Make sure you exercise. But you can just see how these go up against great odds. So what I'm going to argue is that we might actually not be tapping into something in the brain and the mind that we actually already know and that we're just not paying attention to. There's a guy back in the 50s. Many of you might know him BF Skinner studied animal behavior. In fact, he found that he could train pigeons to win a cross court shot whips in ping pong. This video we play. Anyway, you get the idea.

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