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Nothing is Forever, Don't be Attached

Mark Divine | 3:38


 If you're living a simple life, it's easy to be, not to be attached to all that stuff. Right? Recently I went home to my parents', um, place and my mom said to me, you got a bunch of stuff up in the attic. Do you want it? And I was like, where is it from? She goes, oh, its all this stuff. You dropped off after college when you went into the Navy or after, um, in, after your Manhattan stint when you went to the Navy.

And I had completely forgotten about. And I went up to the attic and I looked through it all and I'm like, I'm sure this was important to me. Back then, I actually had to keep it, you know what I mean? The only thing that I really wanted out of it was a small little picture album. You, that was kind of cool to find those pictures and that was it.

And I said, you know, junk it all. Of course, I told her to junk it. I didn't take it out the . I should have hauled it all outta the attic, you know? But I was in a.

So I left that one to my mom. She can hire someone. Um, I wasn't attached to any of that stuff, you know, is anyone here a hoarder? Like can't let go of crap a little bit. You're like, I, I know I'm gonna need this. And so you stick it in the garage and then like five years later you're finding it and like, what was I thinking?

That's what I'm talking about. Get rid of that stuff. You don't need. Don't be attached to, don't be attached to material things as they go away. Um, love people, but don't be attached to them. This is a challenging one, right?

We all go away, right? We're we're working off borrowed time, right? We're renting oxygen and. The more attached you are, the harder it is when we lose loved ones starting with pets, you know, then clo, this is a hard, hard topic for a lot of people, but cultivating an attitude of non-attachment, even to your own physical existence, and that's a very spiritual concept to think that maybe there's something beyond and right.

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