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Playing in the Zone

George Mumford, Michael Gervais, Mike Robbins | 16:13


So whether you're a big sports fan or not, I'm really excited about this session, because I think there's going to be a lot of interesting stuff for us to talk about here in regards to sports, and performance in mindfulness. And as you may know, do us a sportsman of I'm pinch hitting for Congressman Tim Ryan, who was supposed to be here. He'll be here later, but he got stuck in Washington doing something important, and he couldn't make it here this morning. 

But as a former baseball player, myself, I'm honored to be up here with George and with Mike to talk about this. And I think I want to start George with you, because, you know, so as was introduced, I mean, George, you've had a chance, really a pioneer in this world working with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan, and working with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. And now working with the New York Knicks. Talk a little bit about what was that, like when you first started working with athletes in this regard? A number of years ago?

Yeah, me. It's, I feel like I'm coming out of the shadows. I feel like I've been doing this clip clandestine process for a number of years. And now it's okay for me to come out and share what I've been doing. So, so it's interesting, because when I first started, obviously, I was working for the Center for mindfulness at the time, and and Jon Kabat Zinn knew Phil Jackson and Phil Jackson wanted somebody to come in and teach the team how to deal with the stress of success, because they had already won two championships in a row.

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