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Practicing Equanimity

Jeremy Lipkowitz | 9:24

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So hello and welcome to the guided practice for day seven. Today we'll be practicing with equanimity. So go ahead and find a comfortable position. And when you're ready, you can allow your eyes too close. We can start by just taking a few deep breaths. So breathing in deeply.

And breathing out slowly. One more time, breathing in deeply. And breathing out slowly. And then just allowing your breath to return to its natural rhythm, its natural pace. And then just picking up the mindful breathing practice and tuning into the feeling of the breath in the body.

Just noticing the physical sensations of rising and falling again, if it helps with your concentration, you can just use the short phrase rising with every in breath. And then falling with every out breath. Just paying attention to the feelings of the breath in the body. And having the words Be very quiet in the background. rising, falling, rising, falling and to cultivate equanimity, we can just set the intention to practice acceptance of whatever arises in this meditation to not react to anything with hatred or judgment or craving. Just allowing things to be as they are.

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