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Psychological Facts

Rory Sutherland | 10:58


 You can create something within the brain without necessarily creating it in reality. I'll give you an example of that. By the way, that yellow is totally an optical illusion. This is RGB pixelated screen. There aren't any yellow indicators. They're all red, green, and blue. Did you know this, by the way, LCD screens.

RGB screens are species specific. They're designed to work with humans. If you're a bird looking at that, you'd think it was a shit representation of reality. Humans just have red, green, and blue cones that detect color and the screen, unlike birds, which have ultraviolet detection, but they don't detect red.

I mean, there's some things like shrimp, which can detect 16 types of wavelength. If you produce a screen for a shrimp, it'll be a really complicated thing. This is a hack. There's no yellow. All it does is mix red and green in a mixture which your brain associates with the color yellow, and the color yellow is not created there remotely on the screen.

It's created in tile in your head. Our contention is you can create value, you can create great experiences in the head without doing much to. What we call innovation Now, innovation is spelled I n E R. It's a clear relative of innovation, but it works slightly differently. Innovation is where you innovate.

Not by doing something new in the physical world, but by doing something differently within the brain. And one of the things that drives me nuts when I go to digital conferences is there's always someone there with a really, really sophisticated technological solution. And there's always a guy who has this really clever beacon solution, which detects when you have a past customer walking with a hundred yards of the shop and you go, this is really interesting.

I'm intrigued by this contextual communication's useful. And they always say, so the great thing. You can serve them a 20% off offer. I kind of go, look, I don't need a PhD to help me sell things by dropping the price. Okay? If you wanna find someone who can sell things by dropping the price, just go to a car boot sale.

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