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Racial Bias

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 I have to make sure that I have given enough space between myself and another patron or another, uh, commuter on the train. Just ensure that I'm not making someone uncomfortable. I have to make sure that my hands are visible when I walk into certain places so they make sure I don't, not stealing. Um, I try to make sure I make eye contact with people.

Who may or may not be security or managerial staff, just to ensure that, you know, I'm not here to hide anything. Uh, I watch my tone to make sure that I don't come off as threatening. Just leaving the house some days, you know, it's sometimes it just keep you at home and just keep you away from everything.

When I go into stores, sometimes I get followed , which is really annoying, and it just gives me like, it just makes me uncomfortable and sometimes I get anxiety, so I have to leave. Especially being a teen of color, they assume that you're doing something bad. I feel. I'm disturbing people by just being there.

Like people feel uncomfortable when I walk in. I guess I've kind of become numb to it after so many years. Like this is just my life and it's just something that I've gotten used to. Unfortunately. I think all of us make that choice at some point of, am I gonna take the burden of this interaction being comfort.

Or am I going to say you take the burden of this interaction being comfortable because what I really want is a sandwich. Do you know what I mean? I don't wanna fight. I'm hungry, right? I don't want to get into this with you, and I'm really not here to teach you this. But other times it's like, okay, wait a minute.

Lesson time.

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