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Resilience in Times of Crisis

Peter Bostelmann | 10:16


This is in focus. I'm Angela Closer, joined by a very special guest today, and we have Peter Boman, chief Mindfulness Officer, and head of the SAP Global Mindfulness practice with us. Peter, great to see you virtually this time. Thank you, , for having me. And hello everybody on this. So the Corona crisis has turned all of our lives upside down.

And if you look at the graphics of the John Hopkins University showing in real time the number of Covid-19 elected all over the globe, it looks a bit like a scenario from a zombie movie. So from your personal experience, have you noticed that fierce account increas. Well, what, what I know from, from the work we're doing, checking in with people and it's, uh, it's, it's, um, always both sides.

For some people they laugh that they have more, more, um, that they don't travel that much, that they have more time. Others feel it's too long. Some, um, some people feel it's great to have time with the family. And then it can also be over overbuilding. And this is of course, where mindfulness comes in, that you can learn to balance this in a better way.

But for sure, Um, we, with the whole team increase more questions. How can I handle this better? How can, can I deal with anxiety, with, um, with frustration, with, with worry, and all those, what's happening? So it's, it's not only that we face increasing anxiety, obviously, but also social isolation due to the measures against the virus.

So how can mindfulness practice and compassion practice help us, especially in this difficult situation? Um, one is of course that you notice more the feelings and thoughts around it so that they're not happening somewhere in the background in your body. And just make you feel bad. But you notice feelings and thoughts.

Allowing them, but also noticing they're coming and going. They're body sensations, they're coming and they're staying and they're going for a while, so they're not you. Um, so by this shifting from I am the emotion, I feel this loneliness to observing, ah, interesting. This is how it feels in this moment.

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