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Sam Harris and Dan Harris on Meditation

Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, and Dan Harris | 23:18


Hello freak bitches. Now I want to switch gears a little bit. It's not it's not totally related, but it is in

somewhat in some ways, headspace talking about mindsets and talking about, like we've

brought this up, but really haven't delved into it much at all about meditation and about how

much it's affected you and how it got you back on track. And I know that you're a big proponent

of it, and I am as well, although I think I'd probably do it differently than you guys do.

But I'd love to hear how you do it. I use an isolation tank. Really like a sensory deprivation tank?

Yeah, yeah, I do a lot of yoga. Those are, those are two big ones for me. You know, I think those

alone have straightened out my brain in a great way yoga, in particular yoga, because it's, it's

not yoga forces you to do it, you know, like, if you're either doing it or you're not doing it, there's

no room for distraction, you know, you're you're essentially forced to deal with what these poses

require of you.

And I think that in doing so, and having a singular focus of trying to maintain your balance, and

stretch and extend and do all these different things, while you're doing then concentrating

almost entirely on your breath, which is a big factor in yoga, that it's, it has remarkable brain

scrubbing attributes. Yeah, I would say, and I don't know much. Before I say this, let me just ask,

what are you doing in the isolation tank? Like, what are you doing your mind?

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