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Search Inside Yourself

Chade-Meng Tan | 22:40


Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physical finite planet is either mad, or an economist.

We don't want to focus politics on the notion that involves the rejection of principles around which a large majority of our fellow citizens organize their lives.

We are not as endlessly manipulable. And as predictable as you would Search Inside Yourself is a curriculum on emotional intelligence. And you may ask, what is emotional intelligence? So the best answer is with the answer the question is with a parable is a parable of a man on the horse. So the man was was on a horse, and you're just going along. And there's a guy on the street, asking the guy on a horse, say, hey, rider, where are you going? And the guy in the horses Meyer know what you're asking me, you should be asking the horse, the which sounds ridiculous. However, it is something we engage in every day. Because the horse here represents our emotional life, or our emotional mind. And the rider represents our thinking mind, of thinking self. And we have, we have this illusion that the horse controls the rider that that emotions control us, we have no control over our emotional life.

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