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Search Inside Yourself - What to Expect

Susan Kochan, Robert Chender, Chade-Meng Tan, Marilee Bresciani, Michele Milan, Adam Zetter, Professor D'Cruz, Robert Bridgeman | 5:28


The first thing that comes to mind is, uh, slowing down and paying attention, especially when you're working with other people. I even have the voice of some Google engineers who, who even after the first one or two classes, said that they, they shifted their way, that they listened during. This and instead of feeling compelled or pressured to, to constantly respond, react, comment that this particular person shifted and leaned back a little bit and simply listened more intently to all the people on his team.

And he's actually a tech lead and he said it. It just leaning back and listening with less pressure in his own mind already had an impact after the like second class. Mm-hmm. . And he noticed a difference in how. In the group we're reacting. So this is suggest, it's good to experiment even with the most practical places and the most normal things that you do every day.

Uh, I have two or three practices I do constantly. One is, uh, whenever I walk from one place to the other, I go into mindfulness mode because I only have 30 minutes a day to sit. And so I want to do like more like closer to 24 hours worth of meditation a day. So walking is the only time I, I get to do that.

And since I'm going from place point A to point B anyway, it doesn't, doesn't add more time. I mean, it doesn't take more of my time. That's one practice. The other practice is something I talk about a lot, which is looking at people randomly and thinking, I want that person to be happy. I want that person to be happy and just do that a lot.

And, and it shows because just thinking about I want that person to be happy. I'm, I smile just thinking about it. And so interaction with people. A lot easier. And, and my third practice is, uh, is humor. Uh, specifically every time I screw up, which happens a lot. I just think it's very funny. , that's healthy, that's so healthy.

Well, two things that come to mind that, that, again, we often, uh, stress over and over again. One is self care is just noticing are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating well? Are you getting enough effects? Very basic self care and what I think of as kind of energy, energy management. Uh, the other is just throughout the day of asking yourself, what am I feeling?

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