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Secular Buddhism Mindfulness Workshop Part 1

Noah Rasheta | 41:43


So seen with the eyes of wisdom or the two eyes of wisdom are interdependence and impermanence. And these, these are topics that are covered in, in all, uh, Buddhist schools of thought. And those are the two topics we're discussing next. So the nature of change is the nature of impermanence that all things are permanent.

So we exist on the plane of space and time, right? And in terms of time, we say all things are impermanent, meaning all things are constantly changing. And in terms of space, we say all things are interdependent. Um, so this hour we're gonna focus on the nature of change, which is the, the time aspect of the experience of life.

And thus that all things are impermanent. And really what that means is, is that all things are constantly changing. Meaning the me that just said that five seconds ago is not the same. Me that's talking now in a very literal way, changes the constant from cells regenerating, uh, hair and nails are growing.

You know, physically you're not the same you that you were when you were five. So in a, in a physical way, we understand the notion of change. We're always changing, but we also change on every other aspect emotionally. Intellectually changes the constant, right? So the moment we become attached to how we think we should be, that's attachment.

Because there is no how you think you should be. Cuz as soon as you get there, you've already changed. Now you're something else. You're constantly changing. So the nature of change is the understanding that all things are impermanent, all things are continually evolving, continually changing. And you can observe this in science.

You know, the expansion of the universe is, uh, an indication of all things changing. You can't take a picture of the universe and like, here it is, because it's already changed. It's, it's constantly expanding. Constant change, and that's how time works. You know, you can't pause time, you can't take a snapshot and be like, okay, here it is, because it, you know, by the time you're looking at it, it's not that anymore.

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