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Secular Buddhism Mindfulness Workshop Part 2

Noah Rasheta | 44:20


All right. So what I wanna do before jumping into the next topic is we're gonna do the first, uh, meditation technique. So what we'll do, I'm gonna have a timer and a little bell here on my phone, um, who's not familiar with, uh, meditation, who's completely new to it, so everyone has some experience. Okay? Um, so what we'll do, What we're, what we're practicing, like I mentioned before, is just being, we're just observing what is so on, on this specific meditation.

We're gonna fo focus on the physical sensations of just being, so it's a guided meditation. I'll kind of walk you through it as we're doing it and you can just, you can have your eyes closed or open, whatever you want. Um, there's, um, you'll know it's over cuz a bell will ring on my phone and you should all.

Um, but it's just gonna be a five minute meditation. And again, there's no expectation, right? There's no, I did it wrong. Because you can't, you're just observing. And when you're observing, there's no right or wrong. There's no good or bad. There's just what is, and that's the goal here, is trying to get out of the mindset of expectation or thinking, am I doing this right?

We're just, there's no way to do it wrong cuz you're just. So go ahead and close your eyes or keep 'em open if you want. And I'll kind of talk you through the instructions here. And there will be moments where it's just silent and then I'll kind of guide you through this. So it'll start with a bell and it'll end with a a bell.

We'll see if you hear it.

So try to get comfortable. Try to be relaxed, as relaxed as you can be,

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