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Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader

Marc Lesser | 50:42


 Well, good afternoon in, in kind of, uh, contemplative and, and actually it's now I think it's more and more happening here at Google and other places. We should start with one minute of arriving, right? Just stopping. Just noticing what it's like to be.

Noticing the body, noticing that you're breathing, arriving, just arriving.

Simple, profound practice and maybe asking yourself, what brought me here today? Why am I here? And you can, you can answer that. Literally or poetically, why am I here? Why am I here in this room? Maybe why am I here on this planet? And then maybe the other question to reflect on is, uh, why am I really here?

What's underneath, what's underneath that too? As much as you can here in this busy workday to allow yourself to drop in, feel your body, feel your breath. Noticing what it's like to be here. What is it like right now to be alive? Breathing, thinking, feeling the whole experience. Just allowing it. Allowing yourself to experience your full experience.

And then let's come back. Let's all come back. Well, So I want to start today with kind of one of my, my current kind of favorite saying, which is, if you're not cultivating trust, you're cultivating cynicism. If you're not cultivating trust your cultivating cynicism. This is particularly true, I think, in the workplace, but I think it's true in general in our lives and.

Uh, relationships that, uh, cynicism is easy. Cynicism is kind of the default mode I think, of human, human emotion in, in a certain, in a certain way. Trust. Trust takes work. And I wanna bring in, uh, someone who was a, uh, a colleague and a, uh, a good friend of mine who worked here at Google, uh, for many. Years.

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