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Teaching Mindfulness with Confidence

Sean Fargo | 15:54


 So the key number two is teaching mindfulness with confidence. How to emphasize a simple process without worrying about the outcomes. So when I first started teaching mindfulness, I was, uh, really just trying to convince everyone of the benefits. I thought people would try. Everything I taught,  makes me laugh now, but that's kind of what I thought people would do, is they would listen to me and then actually utilize it.

Um, I expected people just to, to just get it, and I hope that everyone's lives would be totally transformed. So I was, um, wearing rose colored lenses when I first started. But I was really just focused on the outcomes. I was teaching mindfulness for the sake of feeling calm or achieving flow, or, you know, inspiring compassion or peak performance to decrease the pain.

And it was really focused on, you know, what's the quickest way to get to the goal, to the end point to what they want. And I realized that because I was so focused on the outcomes and on my ability to do it, I was bypassing the actual practice. My focus on the outcomes lack the actual substance of the practice itself.

I was bypassing the heart of the process, and this is very important to, to. When you focus on the outcomes, it's actually, there's a paradox that you actually don't get to the outcomes as as much as you do if you focus on the process itself. So, you know, because I was lacking this transformation in people, I had two options.

I had door number one, should I abandon teaching mindfulness? Should I try something else? This isn't quite working the way I thought it would. Door number two is to figure it out. You know, try something new, help a lot of people in a really meaningful way. And so I, you know, there was really no choice for me.

I, I had to figure it out, so, so again, what is mindfulness? It's paying attention on purpose in the present moment, non-judgmentally. So, you know, there's nothing. About outcomes here. There's nothing about feeling calm or, uh, achieving peak performance. There's nothing here about decreasing stress.

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