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The Art of Teaching Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn | 43:20


 So, so many questions, uh, come to mind with a title like The Art of Teaching Mindfulness. You know, if you're a teacher, if they're teachers in the room, what's your role? What's the role to avoid when you're teaching? What do you pay attention to? Is that different from being a. Are there terrible errors to commit?

What about the role of levity or presence in being a teacher? For us, non-teachers, many of whom wanna introduce partners or kids or friends to the practice, how do we do that well or do that very badly? And John's been a teacher. Uh, he's also teach.  many teachers and help them become teachers. And he's also had good teachers of his own.

And so I'm very excited and curious to hear from John and to learn about this. So thank you. Thank you, Eric. And just to say Eric is, uh, profound force on this planet in his own right. And um,

Uh, I didn't make up this title. I mean, they just kind of give me assignments and I do , so, so the first thing to say is that none of us are really capable of teaching mindfulness. Okay, so, uh, it's a very high bar and, and I think it's important actually, and this goes against the grain of, hello there,. This goes, I'm gonna keep my back to you most of the time, but, uh, feel the broadcast coming through the

The body is Richard Heckler said, you know, it's like, I feel you back there. Um,

Whatever we are calling this collective engagement, mindfulness or heartfulness or compassion or wisdom or, or an upgrade of wisdom. I'd take wisdom 1.0. You know, at this point on the planet, uh,

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