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The Default Mode Network and End of Suffering

Gary Weber | 35:07


Too Do have one member of the audience who is overdue three days. So she gets up and runs out. It wasn't because of the talk.

This is what we're going to what I'm gonna start with originally today we're going to talk about the end of suffering. And my whole journey started trying to end my own suffering. I was in graduate school walking with my PhD walking into campus. And I had one of those epiphanies stepback Bowman's and I could look and see what was going on in this consciousness. And it wasn't pretty, it would just never ending I call blah, blah, about nothing worthwhile whatsoever. 

Tremendously non productive, and draining. What it does, we've all been there. Now you have this tremendous suffering, arising, agitated, aggravated by this blah, blah, consumes a lot of energy and bandwidth because a lot of fears, anxiety, etc. And it's really focused on our attachment. The fact that this is was painful to me is not unique. In fact, there was a good study done at UVA, very recent study, published in Science, a top peer, one journal that looked at just how unpleasant this blahblah is to people. 

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