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The End of Faith

Sam Harris | 1:16:04


Welcome everyone to, uh, an authors at Google Talk. Um, we are very pleased to, uh, have Sam Harris here and, uh, to introduce him, we have, uh, Jed Salazar. Thank you.

Hi everyone. I'd like to, uh, welcome Sam Harris to Google Santa Monica, and to give you a little bit of background about Sam Harris. Uh, Sam Harris has, uh, written two bestselling books, the End of Faith, and a Letter to a Christian Nation, uh, Sam has appeared on, has appeared on countless shows and has written many publications.

Uh, he received his, uh, degree from Stanford and philosophy, um, has studied religion for many years, and most recently has received his PhD, uh, in neuroscience from ucla. Um, Sam is also a co-founder and CEO of The Reason Project, which is a nonprofit foundation, uh, devoted to spreading, uh, scientific knowledge and secular values in society.

Um, and without further ado, I'd like to, uh, welcome Sam.

Well, thank you, Jed. And, uh, thank you for the invitation to speak here. It's, it's an honor to speak here. Um, I'm gonna be given a talk I've never given before, so you will have the, uh, the luxury of telling me whether I made any sense at the end. Hopefully I'll leave a, a good chunk of time for, for a conversation.

Uh, I'm gonna speak about human values and about morality, uh, and how we could, we can understand these scientifically, and in fact, not only understand descriptively, what people are doing in the name of morality and human values, but. Come up with scientific answers to moral questions. Uh, it's widely believed that there is no way of doing this.

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