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The Habit Loop

Craving to Quit | 2:02


Now I'll walk you through the basic idea about how habits are formed.

We'll call it the habit loop.

First, something happens in your life. It could be good or bad. It's called a trigger. For example, what does it feel like when you eat a good meal? Your brain says, Oh, that felt good. Go out and have a cigarette, so that you can keep that good feeling going. So if you go out for a smoke, and your brain lays down this memory. Oh, next time you have a good meal, you should go out for a smoke. Now you start to associate a good meal with smoking.

And this is when craving starts. The next time you have a good meal, you start to crave a cigarette when you finish, the more you do this, eating leading to craving, leading to smoking.

The more this gets laid down as a habit though.

This works with negative emotions, too.

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