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The Invisible Hand of Steve Jobs

Marc Benioff | 4:07

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There was a memorial service for Steve. And I was fortunate to be invited to it. And it was at Stanford and I realized it was going to be special because Steve was very mindful and conscious about everything that he did. And I knew that he had planned this. And everything from the program and who was going to be speaking and to who the cater was and, and it was a phenomenal program. And I was there and we heard Larry Ellison spoke and his family spoke and Bondo on the edge played Yo yo, ma played, and then there was this reception afterwards. And then we were all leaving. And on the way out, they handed us a small brown box.

Okay. And I received the box, and I said, this is going to be good. Because I knew that this was a decision that he made, that everyone was going to get this. So whatever this was, was the last thing he wanted us to all think about. Okay. So I waited until I got to my car. And I opened the box. And what is the box? What is in this brown box?

And it was a copy of Yogananda has a book. And the Do you know who Yogananda is, so Yogananda was a Hindu guru who had this kind of book on Self Realization.

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