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The Mindful Leader

Michael Carroll | 56:58


It's particularly relevant given everything that's going on in the financial markets and on Wall Street. A year ago I was at the Wharton School to do some recruiting for Google. When in the pen bookstore I saw this book, the Mindful Leader, and it drew me attention because mindfulness as a practice is something that's important, but we associate with it a monastery or an ashram.

And leadership is something we think of in terms of the boardroom or organizations. So the juxtaposition of those two words caught my eye and I dewar the book as you can see from all the bookmarks and highlighting. And I asked the leadership team to invite, uh, Michael to come and speak here. Now Michael is very well suited to this topic.

He spent over two decades on Wall Street and in the publishing industry, worked for Shears and Lemon Brothers, Payne Weber, Wal Disney. And Simon Schuster, he's also spent 35 years meditating and is a meditation teacher, not 35 years meditating. Maybe he'll talk about how he does that, but in the practice, uh, and he is a meditation teacher in the lineage of TI and meditation, master Cho Gipa.

He also teaches on this topic of being a mindful leader at Wharton, Columbia and many other. What is going on currently is there is a new generation of business leaders looking towards mindfulness as a, excuse me, as a practice to develop their leadership talent. A technique for learning to live in the present moment and how individuals can gain clarity, reduced stress, or to make, optimize, optimize performance and develop a greater sense of.

So in this talk, Michael will lead us through how mindfulness-based training can help us make, become better human beings, better leaders, and hopefully better Googlers as well. With that, please help me welcome Michael car.

Well, needless to say thank you very much Gopi for, uh, for this and Alana as well. Where's Alana? Is she here? There? Thank you very much for all this hard work and your invitation. I also want to thank, uh, everyone here, you folks here with a little stories. I was last night having my dinner, uh, at a little bar in town somewhere, and I struck up a conversation with the fellow next to me and they said, so what are you doing in town?

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