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The Nature of Consciousness

Evan Thompson | 1:27:08


I want to welcome you. And thank you for joining the conversation on this elusive subject of consciousness which is our topic this evening and continues with our presentations tomorrow morning. My name is kendo Allen field. I'm a lay ordained Zen Buddhist monk, and teacher. I lead practice at the upper valley Zen Center in White River Junction and also at the Zen practice group here at Dartmouth College. This year, several of our Dartmouth Zen students are studying cognitive and neuroscience. 

And from our conversations emerged, the idea of a cross disciplinary cross cultural conference on the nature of consciousness. Professor Marcelo Glaser and his Institute for cross disciplinary engagement, also known as ice. Here at Dartmouth seemed a natural partner for this effort, and his enthusiasm and backing have made this event possible. We are also indebted to Amy Flockton. Administrator for ice ice. And to Amy Zang. The Darkness senior who designed our poster is Amy here by any chance. 

Sorry, she's not here. But I I'm very, was very pleased with her poster. I'm also indebted to the Tucker Foundation and Chaplain divvying Lepin for financial support, and to the Church of Christ at Dartmouth for the use of their gathering Hall for our meditation, both this afternoon and also tomorrow morning at eight o'clock.

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