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The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Tamara Russell Ph.D | 1:33:35


So when I begin to share any information of this sort, particularly if I'm working with a diverse audience, I find it's helpful to select a mindset when we are moving into new information, when we're moving into maybe different models or kind of widening, stretching the mind and brain in some way. It can be helpful to select how we're gonna engage with the information and really hold that in our minds and our hearts as we go into these kinds of discussions.

And particularly interdisciplinary discussions. Uh, and particularly if we have expertise in a field. Uh, really important to recognize and acknowledge how helpful it can be to have what I call this green container of intention. Openness and willingness to hear about something different. Uh, and this can help us, particularly if then the things that we are listening to might be provoking us or triggering us in some way.

And this nomenclature of green and red. Um, I'm glad to see Paul Gilbert will be speaking, uh, in a forthcoming event. This, this comes from his work, actually, green mode being the mode where we are relaxed and calm and open. This is really when we can learn, right? This is how we want our kids to learn. Yeah.

When they're in a playful, creative, safe, open mode, this is when their brains and minds can really develop. Uh, but recognizing that, you know, learning can also be a painful process, you know, particularly when we're being shown or offered things that are against the model that we already have, uh, in our own mind.

So for me, the setup here is how can we approach some of these more challenging questions about. Where Brain and mind might meet, uh, in a way that allows us to feel safe to explore what might be some risky territory or some challenging territory. So maybe just checking in with you now, whether there's some words or, or phrases, uh, that might be relevant for you, um, as you come into this day.

The three that I really like to work with are curiosity, courage, and compassion. The three Cs. Having this as your mindset going into anything will, will, will serve you well.

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