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The Organized Mind: Using Neuroscience to Navigate the Age of Information Overload

Daniel Levitin | 1:08:00


Good evening, everybody. Good evening. Please take your seats. Welcome to the Aspen Institute and the second of the Murdock Mind Body Spirit series. We are so delighted to have you all here tonight. Thank you for coming inside how to this beautiful day. How many of you have been to one of our series before?

Oh, wonderful, so good to have you back. So my name is Gina Murdock. I am the founder of the Aspen city of well being and the Aspen yoga society. My husband Jerry Murdock is a trustee at the Aspen Institute. So you put those two things together and you get the Murdoch Mind Body Spirit series. So we are really excited to be here tonight to present this wonderful speaker. We were compelled to establish this series in honor of Walter and Elizabeth Petka. founders of the Aspen Institute, who envisioned Aspen as a place where residents and visitors could nurture their minds, their bodies and their spirits.

The Aspen idea is still alive today. 67 years later, what a beautiful vision. Let's take a moment together and we'll just have a moment to connect inside. I always like to do this as we get ready to hear an amazing speaker. So I'll ask you just to close your eyes. And we'll all take a deep breath together in through our nose and an exhale out through the mouth. Let's do that one more time. Inhale through the nose. And exhale out through the mouth. Feel yourself settle into this spot into this mind body spirit series. I hope you'll join us October 26 For the third event in our series. This will be Scott Neeson the former Hollywood producer and founder of the Cambodian Children's Fund, he'll be joined by Sean Korn, who's an world famous yoga teacher and speaker. These two will examine what it means to create a life of meaning and purpose by answering a call to be of service in the world. And by doing so how they've inspired 1000s of others to do the same. So note October 26. In your calendar, this is part of an event called lead with love. The Aspen city of well being is producing. And I will tell you today I was working on that. And I was feeling stressed down. And I was stressed and I was like I'm feeling stress in my body. And I said oh, I'm going to introduce this wonderful doctor. I better look him up and I said I'm going to watch his TED Talk. His TED talk is says how to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed.

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