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The Power of Mindful Learning

Brian Johnson | 12:26


Hi, this is Brian. Welcome back to philosophers notes TV. Today we've got another great book The Power of mindful learning, the power of mindful learning by Ellen Langer. This is the third book by Dr. Langer. We've featured in the last week and a half or so, we started with counterclockwise then we did mindfulness now we have the power of mindful learning, applying mindfulness to teaching and learning. Great book.

As I mentioned in the other episodes, Dr. Langer is one of the world's leading research scientists, he was the first tenured female professor in Harvard's psychology department. And she's the creator and advocate of what she calls the psychology of possibility. Really cool stuff. So philosophers note bunch of big ideas, five of them in a brand new piece of shock. Let's jump in. First big idea. Is reframing, reframing, she shares research that I think that she did in her colleagues, individuals going into a hospital to have major surgery. Not necessarily a pleasant experience, but she challenged them.

One group to reframe the experience to see positive things, in their experience with the surgery with their stay in the hospital. The other group, she didn't teach how to reframe the group that reframe them thought of things like well, this would be a chance for me to catch up on some goals to take stock of what's important in my life, maybe to catch up with some friends and family, I might have been taken for granted, or even forced weight loss, there were a number of ways that they could reframe the experience of being in the hospital for that event that was positive that were positive right. Now, the other group didn't do those things. Fast forward. What happened, the group that reframed that experience, took less drugs, got out of the hospital faster, and had an overall better experience than those who didn't reframe it. It's a powerful idea. And of course, this isn't just about hospital stays in our lives, we have challenges, we can reframe them by asking better questions by looking for the silver lining in the cloud, right the ways that we're learning.

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