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The Sports World's Mindfulness Whisperer

George Mumford | 3:17


Success is being in expressing yourself and hopefully in the service of helping others.

George Mumford is literally a professional game changer. By teaching mindfulness meditation to athletes at the highest level, he's helped some of the world's fiercest competitors go deeper and discover a performance enhancer they didn't know they were missing.

I can't say that I came to mindfulness because I was intellectually stimulated. I came to mindfulness because I was in a lot of pain. For a number of years, I was pursuing excellence. But there wasn't a lot of grace and ease and that it was more of this driving, long warrior mentality. And I was self medicating because I had migraine headaches and back pain. I was in recovery from substance abuse. And I started studying and practicing mindfulness. 

That gave me an ability to not only just manage the pain, but to dwell in peace. Like the eye of the hurricane, Hurricane can move. But in the middle of that i is blue sky, this peace, this stillness, we have that inside of us.

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