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The Unexpected Organizational Revolution

Peter Bostelmann | 16:48


Mindfulness, what pictures come to your mind if you think of this word? Maybe someone sitting cross-legged in an as someone in Asia, somewhat list out, maybe even a bit otherworldly. So here's a surprise. I'm German, I'm an industrial engineer. I'm working with sap, the world's leading business software company with more than 80,000 employees, and I'm their director of the global mindfulness practice.

So my team and I, we are dedicating a hundred percent of our time, um, to roll out mindfulness, to train it, and also to practice it ourselves. But it's not just our team. It's actually thousands of employees who are practicing mindfulness in different ways throughout their workday in the. . And it's not only that these employees are really happy about that, it's also that we can measure sustainable business impact.

We have clear data that this is supporting the company's, um, financial success. So how many of you are somewhat surprised that mindfulness is such a big topic in a global tech company? Please raise your arms. How many of you're somewhat surprised? Well, quite a few. And also some, some are not anymore. So this proves Berlin is very progressive and, um, it also proves my case that this is the revolution.

So this skepticism, I heard this a lot and I'm, and I'm hearing this a lot in my work from my colleagues, and this can be in the way to explore a very useful mental training for your work and your life. And actually I can very much relate to this 10 years ago. I was already with SAP as a project manager.

Being responsible for international projects can be quite stressful in what I did to decompress to, to relaxes. I did a lot of sport running, cycling, swimming, and although I sometimes was wondering that it's actually my mind that is in charge, how I relate to external events, not my body, my trained body, and I was wondering how would it be if I could train my response to the external of my.

It didn't occur to me that mindfulness meditation could do something about it. To be honest, I even made gentle fun of my girlfriend at that time, so she was a meditator and I was thinking, yeah, you can do your yoga and your meditation if you need it. I do my trilon. So, so, and then something happened that completely shifted my view on that sometime later.

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