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This Graph Changed My Life

Andrew Kirby | 12:52


A couple months ago, I released a video that explained the interesting connection between the actions, you take the results, you get memory and time, that video got over 200,000 views. And here are what some of the comments said about the video.

In this video, I'm going to bring you a graph that you've probably never seen before. And it's a graph that's going to give you more value, it's going to help you out in your day to day life. Far more than that other graph. You see on a day to day basis, we make 35,000 decisions.

And I believe that it's those decisions that decide whether we have a good life or whether we live a bad life. So you're going to be able to use this graph and every single one of those decisions to first of all, highlight which decision is the right decision. And second of all, help you actually make that decision. Even if it's difficult, or even if it's boring. If you're impatient, and you want to know what this graph looks like, then this is what it looks like.

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