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Thriving in Uncertain Times

Beau Lotto | 28:36


Innovation has basically two sides has creativity, and it has efficiency. Okay. And almost everything we do, especially in businesses, even in education actually focuses on one side of the equation focus on efficiency, right, trying to get more for less focus on answers. In schools, we don't teach children how to ask questions. We don't even teach them what a good question is. We teach them how to follow recipes, right?

We teach them to be efficient, because that's how our organizations run. The problem is that the world changes, okay, to be efficient is a really good idea if your world is constantly static. And in biology, the best environment for efficiency is competition. Okay. But in a world that changes, you have to adapt. In fact, the most successful systems in nature, are the most adaptable, they're not the most efficient. Right? To give you an example, in 2010, the top 10 in demand jobs didn't actually exist in 2004. It's not that they became more popular, they weren't even there. We had no idea what they were going to be.

So imagine what's going to happen in just the next 10 years. Right? So we're educating kids. Now. For instance, for a world that doesn't even exist, they're gonna have eight to 10 different careers through their lifetime. Okay, so the future focus is not to bias everything towards creativity, because of a bus is coming at you. You don't want to think, Oh, I wonder if there's a different way I can see this.

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