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Train Your Brain

Richard Davidson & Dan Harris | 1:20:56


 Good evening everyone, and welcome to the JCC in Manhattan. Hello. Thank you. This is such an exciting evening for us, and I'd like to welcome everyone that's here, and I don't know whether any of you know, but we have about 4,000 people out there that are listening to this evening via live stream. So to the people that are here by magic, we also welcome you tonight.

Um, I'm Susie Kessler. I'm the director of a program here called Macomb, which is our program for meditation and spirituality. Uh, and we have a full and wonderful program of meditation and mindfulness here at the jcc. So if you're local, please check out all our programs and come and visit us. Um, I'm thrilled to welcome our guest tonight, Dan Harris, who is here in May and is making a.

Appearance. So we're thrilled to have him back. And Dr. Thank you has a lot more information about Dan on your, on your programs, and also on the website. And Dr. Richard Davidson, who's here from the University of Wisconsin, and we're thrilled to welcome him for the first time here. Here. So I'd like to just say how the evening is gonna go.

We're gonna have a wonderful conversation between these two amazing human beings. Um, and after the conversation we'll have a little time for questions and answers so you can start to think about what you might wanna ask or comment on. Following that, we're gonna have a small reception and um, a. Sale.

And, um, Dan and Richie will be here to sign books after you purchase them. So we hope you'll stay a little longer after the program ends and everything will be sort of concluded by 9:00 PM Um, I'd like to just take a moment to thank my, uh, two co-sponsors this evening are the Garrison Institute and there's information on the Garrison Institute all around tonight.

So please have a look, um, at this wonderful organization and also the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds from the University of Wisconsin. And you'll hear more about that, I'm sure, about their amazing work during the course of the evening. And there's also information out about them. And now I would like to present my co-presenter, partner, friend, um, the publisher of Mindful Magazine.

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