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Transcendental Meditation Technique

Bob Roth | 20:47


Hi, my name is Bob Roth. And I'd like to welcome you to this short introduction to what Transcendental Meditation is, and is not a little bit how it works, some of the benefits and how you would learn the technique. So we're all on the same page, I want to start right off with a very simple working definition of Transcendental Meditation. Number one, TM is a very simple technique. It's simple, not because it's simplistic, or a beginner's meditation. But because there's an elegant simplicity to the practice, very profound, elegant simplicity to the practice. Number two, it's natural. There's no manipulation, there's no suggestion, every human being can practice Transcendental Meditation, as well as every other human being very simple to learn and very enjoyable to practice. Number three, it's effortless.

Effortless, in contrast to many other meditation techniques, which involve concentration or control of the mind, trying to clear the mind of thoughts, this is completely effortless, as we'll see, in a few moments, it's practice 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably in a chair, with your eyes closed, it can be done, you know, on a train, it can be done in an airplane, it can be done in a car, someone else's driving, but it can be just done. It's just done sitting comfortably. It's a silent technique with your eyes closed. And this is what it's not, it's not a philosophy, I have no philosophy for you, when you learn Transcendental Meditation, no one's going to give you a TM philosophy of life.

There's no philosophy whatsoever. It doesn't involve any change in lifestyle, you don't change your diet or anything. And the third thing is, there's nothing to believe in. I want to emphasize that because sometimes people think, Oh, when I learned to meditate, I have to believe in it for for it to work, you can be 100% skeptical, and the technique works just as well, the benefits are just as profound. As if you went into this thing, thinking, Oh, I believe in meditation, that's, it's going to work. So there's no belief whatsoever.

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