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Visualization - A Powerful Technique For Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Leo Gura | 13:41


Hey, this is Leo for, and in this video I'm gonna talk about visualization.

All right. Welcome back. Let's talk visualization. I'm really excited about this video because visualization is a very, very powerful technique and tool that we can use as self-development junkies. I hope you are one. If you are, we can use this tool to work directly on our subconscious and to start shaping and working with our self image.

This is an incredibly powerful thing. And I wanna get into all the details in this video. In this video, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tell you what visualization is, why it's, I. How it works. I'm gonna give you a whole checklist that you can go down to do a proper visualization so that you're getting every point correct.

And then at the very end, I'm actually gonna take you through a visualization exercise so that you know that you're doing it correctly. You're gonna do it with me here, um, as you're watching. And then you're gonna go away and you're gonna be a visualization master. Then you can go and practice and, uh, get some really powerful life changing transformational results from using this.

So what is visualization? Visualization is simply a technique where you sit down quietly by yourself and you use mental imagery, your own imagination. You're using your emo, your own, your own imagination to, to start priming your subconscious mind with various images of the goals that you want to achieve.

So whatever kind of goals or ambitions you have in your. Whatever kinda life you want to create. If you're like me and you really wanna create a powerful, extraordinary life, live to the fullest, then this is where. Visualization comes in really, really handy because then those goals are gonna get programmed into your mind and then it's gonna be much easier for for you to go out and to take action on them.

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