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Want to be as Mentally Tough as Djokovic?

Steven Anschutz | 5:57


 Hey everyone, Steve from GSN Tennis, and today I want to talk to you about a mental toughness technique, uh, that Jovi is using that he wrote in his book Served to Win, and it's called Mindfulness. And up here I have Jovi's results and I want to talk about this because one of the biggest things he's doing is practicing mind.

And so if we look up here, grand Slam atp, 1000 results. 2008 to 2010, Jovi had a 79% winning streak. Pretty high, pretty good. I take that from 2011 to present 90%. Obviously you can do the math. That is an increase of 11%. I mean, that's huge on the, at. To have an increase of 11%, but here's something more important.

Let's look at Djokovich when he is playing the other greats, Murray Nadal and Feder from 2008 to 2010 against Murray Jovi went one in three against Nadal five and 10 and against Feder five and eight. Obviously you can tell he lost most of the time. This is a winning percentage of if we combine all of.

34%, not where he wants to be, but we see a shift from 2011 to present. Jovi has gone against Murray eight and five against all 12 and seven and against Feder 12 and five. This is a winning percentage of 65%. Giving us a difference, an increase of 31%. That is stay green. That is unbelievable against the other best players.

He went up 31%. Imagine playing on your club team, on the club ladder and beating all the other top guys on the ladder by this. Maybe one year you have, you lose all the time, kind of like Jovi, and then you start practicing mindfulness and you get a result like this. Unbelievable. So why this difference?

What's going on? Well, a couple things. One, the adult or not adult Jovi did say he changed his diet, which can be a confidence thing. He's, he has improved us serve, but what he talks about all the time, Mindfulness, and I shouldn't say all that. He's, he's just, he's talked about it a little bit, but people aren't giving it attention that I think it deserves when it comes to mental tennis and mental tennis is so important.

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