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What Do I Really Want?

Michael Taft | 1:29:30


 Good evening cats and cat, Tess, Toms, and Queens as it were. Uh, you know, today I learned that you call a female cat a queen. Isn't that fascinating? I have never heard that. Um, okay. So welcome to tonight's guided meditation and, uh, d talk and q and a and all that stuff. It's so great to be here with you all.

I wish I was in a room in the mission, uh, a large room at a Dharma collective with you all in the mission, uh, tonight in person. Instead, I'm alone in a room, talking to a camera, but not so alone cuz I see a bunch of you are here, uh, with me. So it's great to be here, quote with you, quote here, quote with you.

Uh, let's already start settling in, you know, get yourself ready cuz we're gonna dive into meditating pretty quick here. And, um, we'll do an hour long guided meditation as usual. . And then, uh, I will rave, uh, at some length about some meditation topic and then we'll take questions. So, um, we'll just wait another minute or two, maybe one minute, uh, to let people show up.

But, you know, uh, uh, you can begin settling in, taking up your glasses and so on. Getting yourself, uh, arranged for meditation. I have my c scarf on, which, uh, sort of, I don't know, it's kind of cowboy esque, um, sort of like a, a buckaroo cowboy, uh, Dharma buckaroo, right? Uh, and um, a while ago I learned that buckaroo is just the way an American hick says baquero or baquero.

The Spanish word for cowboy . So buckaroo is, is a cowboy, a buck. So I've got my buckaroo uh, scarf on, uh, which later I will pull up over my no nose and face as I, you know, scurry to the car. So, um, There's not much very cowboy like about it. Okay. Uh, and on that note, let's, uh, dig in and begin, uh, meditating.

So what I'd like you to do is settle into your meditation posture, which as I'm always saying, I call it Dion Asana. You know the word asana from yoga, it means a posture or position. Dion, or Dianna is Sanskrit for meditation. So Dion Asana, right the way you sit, or whatever posture you take to meditate.

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