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When Life Hurts, Stop Clinging to It

Einzelgänger | 15:16


Are very sense of well being is at gunpoint when we cling to the fickle unreliable outside world.

Around 2000 years ago stoic philosopher Epictetus observed that people are burdened and

dragged down because they tend to care about too many things is cure, however, is not to stop

caring altogether, but to care about the right things and stop clinging to anything that doesn't


What matters and doesn't matter according to Epictetus is bound to the reality of our place as

reasonable beings in an ever changing environment. This reality, Epictetus makes clear in the

underlying tenet of his work, the dichotomy of control, some things are in our control, others not.

If we manage to concern ourselves with the things in our control, we are in a position of

strength. But if we neglect these things, and focus on what's not in our control, we are in a

position of weakness, especially when we cling to what's not up to us, we set ourselves up for a

life of suffering. But what are those things we cling to? And why is it better to let go of them?

This video explores the philosophy of Epictetus and what we, according to him should focus on

to be happy and content and what we should let go off and how we do this.

By the way, you will find more stoic wisdom in this new book, stoicism for inner peace, which

contains my collected works on remaining calm and focused in these challenging times. You'll

find a link in the description the two main sources of Epictetus philosophy are called discourses

and anchor rideon, which contain his words of wisdom written down by his pupil Aryan.

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