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Whole Body Intelligence

Steve Sisgold | 10:00


 So welcome everyone. I'm, uh, very excited that we have Steve Cisco here. Today is a new book, uh, whole Body Intelligence. Get out of your head and into your body to achieve greater wisdom, confidence, and success. I actually wanted to read one of the, um, uh, reviews of the book, uh, is actually from our very own Rachel O'Mara who set this talk up as one of our GPOs volunteers.


Um, what Rachel says is, this is the intelligence everyone. Whole body intelligence will help you navigate life more easily. It helps me understand unconscious messages. My body cues tell me and transforms negative beliefs I carry into positive ones all by using the intelligence of my own body. Rachel Orr, sales manager at Google, I'm really looking forward to this talk and I like to turn this over to Steve Cisco.


Thank you. I've been to Google three, it's my third time here. I love the energy and coming to the campuses and just, um, of course I'm using it every day, obviously. I get my Google alerts and I'm Googling and I Google maps to get down here, so it's pretty exciting to be here. Um, today is gonna be fun. It's gonna be interactive for those of you out there, it'll be interactive as well.


And, I’m not gonna just listen, but going to do some assessment. We're gonna take a notice of different things we feel in our body, how that relates to beliefs, how that relates to our energy, how that relates to our stress, and just to become aware of what we're feeling and. You know, for me, people always say to me, you know, how did you get into writing a book about whole body intelligence?


And I'm not a doctor and I was not a psychologist, even though I did go to school and after, um, my business career and got into body centered psychotherapy. But basically I was in sales and business. I, uh, had a purpose. I felt good. I was working with people that I believed in and, uh, really helped people.


But I noticed a few. It sounds strange, but I would write and, and put together these campaigns for people and then I noticed that they would say one thing and their body would say something else. You know, they'd be talking about how their program relaxes people, but they'd be shaking their leg or, um, how they're really into, um, opening their heart and they'd be Clingy in front of themselves.

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