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Why are Public-School Yoga and Mindfulness Controversial?

Candy Gunther Brown, PhD | 1:32:22


So we'll just jump right in and get started. My name is David Shimano, and I'm here to welcome you to today's talk on behalf of the contemporary science center. We're very happy to have Dr. Candy Brown here from Indiana University. Dr. Brown is a well known expert on American religion, she has six different books to her credit.

This include the word in the world evangelical Writing, Publishing, and reading in America 1789 1880 testing prayer science and healing in alternative medicine and Christian America, the healing Gods complementary and alternative medicine. Did I know I think I've just combined two titles, so I could stick to the main title. So main title was start again, the word in the world, testing prayer, the healing gods. And now debating yoga and mindfulness in public schools reclaim reforming secondary education, or reestablishing religion, and also some edited volumes, and a whole host of articles and so forth.

And Dr. Brown has also been active not just in scholarly writing, but she's been involved in the past number of years in testifying and various court cases, also doing a lot of public outreach, work through blogs, and interviews, and so forth, and also consultancy work. So we thought when this new book came out earlier in the year, since this is a topic that we have a lot of background and engagement with here at the University of Virginia, it would be good to invite her out here for a constructive dialogue and conversation about these issues. And so we're very grateful that she took time out of your busy schedule to join us there and share her expertise from, you know, historical and religious studies point of view on this topic. So please join me in welcoming Dr. Kenny Brown.

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