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2024 State of Mindful Leadership

Authenticity, presence, trustworthiness, self-awareness, self-control, empathy, compassion and effective communication skills are characteristics of the mindful leader. Are you and your organization prioritizing these behavioral attributes today?

Stand-Up Meeting

An Important Survey

Thank you for participating in this important survey on mindful leadership. Mindfulness employs neural training to effect transformational change in mindsets and behaviors.  The purpose of this survey is to explore current organizational challenges and the role that mindfulness can play in enabling performance improvement at the leadership level and beyond.


We estimate that it will take you LESS THAN TEN MINUTES to complete this survey. Almost all questions are multiple choice. Your responses will be confidential and shared in aggregate form only.


We will email you an executive summary with key findings from this research.

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with us here - shoot us an email - or schedule a call, anytime

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