2020 State of Mindful Leadership 

Thanks for helping us with our first annual Mindful Leadership survey. Though Western science has been studying mindfulness for decades now, only 3% of that research is focused on its practical application in organizations, or society more broadly. 


By participating in this survey, you’re helping us close that gap.  


The survey is designed for leaders in human capital, talent management, corporate learning, organizational and leadership development. In particular, we welcome leaders who:


(1) Have been exposed to, trained in, or are experienced in mindfulness   


(2) Have participated in, or are aware of mindfulness activities in their company


(3) Are aware of its connection to leadership, the workforce and the workplace 


(4) Want to benchmark their current knowledge, activities, and practices 


(5) Have an interest in bringing science-based mindfulness into the organization 


Please note:

  • Questions are mostly multiple choice.

  • We estimate less than ten minutes to complete. 

  • Responses are strictly confidential 

  • Data will be shared in aggregate form only.

  • As a contributor, you will receive a copy of the final research report.   

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